Mark Twain Studies Vol.1 Contents

Mark Twain Studies Vol.1(October 2004)

Editor's Column, TATSUMI Takayuki

Special Topic:
Mark Twain, Our Contemporary
"The Most Rigorous Law of Our Being": Mark Twain, Growth, and Change, Shelley Fisher FISHKIN
My Samuel Clemens, Michael J. KISKIS
The Influence of Mark Twain, Fred HOBSON
10 Reasons to Read Mark Twain Today, Larry MACCAFFERY
I Started with Huck Finn, Kim Stanley ROBINSON

Twain's Move toward Fantasy: a Study of His Writings, 1905-1906 , ARIMA Yoko
Romanticizing Slavery: Dangerous Crossings in Child, Twain, and Chase-Riboud, OGUSHI Hisayo
Searching for the Ideal Girl: Mark Twain's Lost America, NAKAGAKI Kotaro
The Recurrent Trope of the Indivisible Body: Mark Twain's Postmodern Identity and the Body, MITSUISHI Yoko
"Was Huck Burak(k)u?": Reading and Teaching Twain in Asian Pacific World Literature, Mary A. KNIGHTON

Professional Notes:
The Japan Mark Twain Society: Its History and Activities, NASU Yorimasa
Symposium 2001:"Mark Twain and Technology", GOTO Kazuhiko
Symposium 2002: "Mark Twain and Detective Fiction", GOTO Kazuhiko
Symposium 2003: "Mark Twain and Fantasy", TATSUMI Takayuki
Abstracts: Articles Published in Journal of Mark Twain Studies (Japanese Number) Vol.1-3 (2002-04)
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Scholarly Books, Dissertations, and English-Language Essays on Mark Twain by the Scholars in Japan : 2000-2003, Compiled by ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi

Mark Twain Studies Vol.2 Contents

Mark Twain Studies Vol.2(October 2006)

"Double-Barreled Feature!", TATSUMI Takayuki

Special Feature I:
New Perspectives on "The War-Prayer": An International Forum, edited by Shelley Fisher FISHKIN and TATSUMI Takayuki
Editors' Introduction, Shelley Fisher FISHKIN and TATSUMI Takayuki
Manuscript of "The War-Prayer" (from the Mark Twain Papers)
Typescript of "The War-Prayer" (from the Mark Twain Papers)
Corrected Text of "The War-Prayer" (from the manuscript and typescript)
Essays on "The War-Prayer"
NAGAWARA Makoto, Ron POWERS, Edward J. BLUM, Christopher VAUGHN, Kevin MAC DONNELL, Wesley BRITTON, Dwayne EUTSEY, Patrick DOOLEY, Adrian GASKINS, Christopher CAPOZZOLA, Maggie ORAN, Amanda CLAYBAUGH, Tim EDWARDS, Helen LOCK, Hua HSU, ARIMITSU Michio, Nancy VON ROSK, Martin ZEHR, TSUJI Hideo, Michael KISKIS, Mong-Lan, John HAN, Mark HULSETHER, Mark DONIG, Darryl BROCK, Barry CRIMMINS

Special Feature II:
Twain and Asia, edited by Mary A. Knighton
From "Mark Twain's Pet" to " 'Merican Jap": The Strange Career of Wallace Irwin's Hashimura Togo, UZAWA Yoshiko
Not Twain, But Twichell: The Hartford Support System of Edward Houses Japanese Students, TAKASHIMA Mariko
Representations of the Chinese Other in Mark Twain's World, Darren CHIANG-SCHULTHEISS

Conference Report:
"Mark Twain and Japan": A Panel at Elmira 2005, The Fifth International Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies, IGAWA Masago

Scholarly Books, Dissertations, and English-Language Essays on Mark Twain by Scholars in Japan, 2004-2005 (Supplement: 2000-2003), Compiled by ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi

From the President, WATANABE Toshio

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Mark Twain Studies Vol.3 Contents

Mark Twain Studies Vol.3(October 2010)

From the President:
He Comes Back to Us: On the Centennial of Mark Twain’s Death, ICHIKAWA Hiroyoshi

By Old Man River, TATSUMI Takayuki
Lighting out for New Territory in Mark Twain Studies, Mary A. KNIGHTON

Robert H. Hirst on Autobiography of Mark Twain

Special Feature:
Twain and Faulkner
New Directions in Twain Studies: Twain and/or Faulkner and Southern Studies
Ted Atkinson, Robert Brinkmeyer, Jr., Louis J. Budd, Thadious Davis, Leigh Anne Duck, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Robert Hamblin, M. Thomas Inge, Donald Kartiganer, Michael Kiskis, Barbara Ladd, Noel Polk, Tom Quirk, Philip Weinstein

The Myth of Simultaneous Order: Twain, Faulkner and Eliot, TATSUMI Takayuki
Adventures of Quentin Compson, Huck Finn’s Modern Double, HAYASHI Fumiyo
Cultures of Defeat, from Twain and Henry Grady to Faulkner and Mishima, GOTO Kazuhiko
The Daemonic Conscience in Twain and Faulkner, Mary A. KNIGHTON
Mechanical Syndrome: Twain, Faulkner, and the Typewriter, YAMANE Ryoichi

Book Review:
James L. Huffman, Yankee in Meiji Japan: The Crusading Journalist, Edward H. House. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2003. xvi + 309 pp.
Reviewed by TAKASHIMA Mariko

Scholarly Books, Dissertations, and English-Language Essays on Mark Twain by Scholars in Japan, 2006-2010
Compiled by ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi

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Mark Twain Studies Vol.4 Contents

Mark Twain Studies #4
Special Issue: Mark Twain, the Viewn from Japan, Overseas


From the Editor’s Desk, Overseas

Part I: WLA Conference 2013 in Berkeley
A Note on the Western Literature Association Conference
Victor A. FISCHER 8
Collaborative Creativity:
Co-editing Mark Twain Studies in the 21st Century
TATSUMI Takayuki 13
Mark Twain’s “Knights of the Tiller”:
The American Labor Movement of the 1880s
in Life on the Mississippi
IGAWA Masago 20
Understanding Brilliant “Failures”:
Reconsideration of Mark Twain’s Unpublished Manuscripts
KUBO Takuya 40
Shin Takahashi’s Tom Sawyer :
A Japanese Manga Adaptation
ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi 52

Part II Elmira Mark Twain Conference 2013
On Twain’s Late Style:
Growing Old in “The Refuge of the Derelicts”
SATOUCHI Katsumi 68

Part III In Memoriam: Nagawara Makoto
Memorial Brochure 82
“Remembering Makoto Nagawara”
And a Reading from “A Comment on
‘The War-Prayer’: Mark Twain ‘Never Ceased to Grow’”
Shelley Fisher FISHKIN 86
Remembering Nagawara Makoto Sensei
SATOUCHI Katsumi 93
One Family’s Experience of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima: A Memoir
NAGAWARA Makoto 97
List of Publications by Makoto Nagawara
Compiled by ISHIHARA Tsuyoshi & IGAWA Masago 105
A Brief Chronology: NAGAWARA Makoto, 1927-2013 112

Scholarly Books, Dissertations, and English-Language
Essays on Mark Twain by Scholars in Japan, 2010-2013
Compiled by OKI Hinako 113
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